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KŌDINĒTO \ coordinate \ コーディネート 

Usually fashion; arrangement of clothing and accessories. Nuanced use of the English word transliterated in a Japanese accent. Also KŌDINĒTĀ \ coordinator \ コーディネーター

KUREBĀ \ clever \ クレバー  

Showing ingenuity; resourceful.

​​IMĒJI \ image \ イメージ  
More often defining a public perception or persona, not an actual picturization.

IRUMINĒSHON \ illumination \ イルミネーション   
Nuanced usage; usually describing decorative lighting, i.e. Christmas light displays, et al. 

KARISUMA \ charisma \ カリスマ \    
Straightforward transliteration; often attached as a prefix 
forming a compound noun meaning "charismatic", as in KARISUMA MODERU (a charismatic model), et al. 

​GATTSU PŌZU \ guts pose \ ガッツポーズ  

A fist-pumping expression of victory.

 …GETTO \ …get \ …ゲット     
Obtain something.  GETTO SHITA (ゲットした) mixes the English "get" with the Japanese "shita" (した; did something) creating an awkward/nonsensical translation "did got" something. 

HAITATCHI \ high touch \ ハイタッチ  
"High five" hand-slap expressing success.

​DĀRIN \ darling \ ダーリン  

Usually used by women, speaking of (or to) her lover/spouse.

​FAITO \ fight \ ファイト  

To try one's best; persist; usually unrelated to the English definition of conflict.  In Japanese, "GANBARU!" (頑張る) although "fight" is often used for emphasis.​

​​​​​ARAFŌ \ around forty \ アラフォー  

Conjunction of abbreviated forms of the English AROUnd and FOrty to describe someone (usually female) approximately 40 years old. 

BORYŪMU \ volume \ ボリューム  

Fullness; thickness. Usually utilized in salons in reference to hair, or to describe a full amount of food et al. 

BURŪ \ blue \ ブルー   

Sad; melancholy; depressed. Nuanced usage of lyrical term. 


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WANPATĀN \ one pattern \ ワンパターン   

Monotonous;  predictable.  Nuanced combination of the English words. 

YŪMOA \ humor \ ユーモア  

Nuanced transliteration of the English word with a Japanese accent; extended YŪ sound inexplicably replaces the English "hyu" sound. 

ZATSU RAITO \ that's right \ ザツライト   

Usually used facetiously to humorously emphasize a point. 


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KUNI \ cunnilingus \ クニ  
Abbreviated transliteration of the English term. 

MOZAIKU \ mosaic \ モザイク
A Japanese form of "censor bar" whereby unlawful video images are obscured via pixelization. Genitalia is the most common target, but the method is also used to hide people's identities.  

PANCHIRA \ upskirt photos \ パンチラ 
Nuanced combination of the English PANty with the Japanese CHIRAri (glance; peek). 

japanglishBEHINDCLOSEDDOORS            ADARUTO \ adult \ アダルト

Japanese television regularly airs foreign movies among prime time programming.  Although movies may obviously be edited for time, they are rarely edited for sexual content — except that genitalia are obscured by mosaic as with Japanese adult films  and they are never edited for language.  This means Japanese people have become familiar with language which would be considered vulgar and otherwise dubbed for television even in home countries such as America.  Words such as "pussy" or "shit", et al, can sometimes be overheard used among friends in humorous, playful ways, or for emphasis, although with a Japanese accent; pussy, therefore, sounds more like the English PUSHY and shit would sound more like the English SHEET. 


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Japanglish on actual product packaging for discerning perverts. 

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Subtitle: Doesn't anybody color between the lines anymore?

Straightforward Transliterationsbehind closed doors

These English words are commonly used and understood by Japanese people, albeit as pronounced with a Japanese accent when spoken and spelled out phonetically using Japanese Katakana when written (Katakana spelling is provided). Their definitions correspond to that of the English word. *A separate list explaining nuanced usages and/or abbreviations follows.

ANARU \ anal (sex) \ アナル   

BASUTO \ bust (breasts) \ バスト

DĒTO \ date \ デート   

MASSĀJI \ massage \ マッサージ   

ŌJĪ \ orgy \ オージー 

PENISU \ penis \ ペニス 

SEKKUSU \ sex \ セックス

overheard  "One day we'll all be overweight, mulato, Amerasian red-heads all fighting for a breath of fresh air"  one drunken expat to anotherHub British pub, ShinjukuJuly 2014

japanglish  adapted phrasesexpressionsemotion

Constitutes perhaps the greatest portion of  Japanglish  in use, especially among the urbane and fashionable. Plenty of these words can be heard padding the banter between the  tarento  on  terebi.​

Straightforward Transliterations

adapted phrases, expressions & emotions

These English phrases are commonly used and understood by Japanese people, albeit as pronounced with a Japanese accent when spoken and spelled out phonetically using Japanese Katakana when written (Katakana spelling is provided). Most definitions correspond to that of the English phrase, though their usages may be somewhat nuanced (A separate list explaining nuanced usages and/or abbreviations follows this boxed section).

SUTOIKKU \ stoic \ ストイック 

Perservering. Nuanced use of the English word. Urbane. 

TORABURU \ trouble \ トラブル \    
Dispute; problem or predicament; technical or mechanical malfunction.

TORĪTOMENTO \ treatment \ トリートメント   
Nuanced transliteration corresponding mostly to the word's English definition denoting skin/hair care products or procedures.

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PANIKKU \ panic \ パニック  

Corresponds literally to its English usage. Often coupled with the Japanese DAI (; big) to describe extreme panic (DAI PANIKKU \ 大パニック) or JŌTAI to describe a panicky situation (PANIKKU JŌTAI \ 状態パニック状態).​ 

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​​​​BASUTO APPU \ bust up \ バストアップ  

Breast enhancement, by implant or other treatment.  

ERO \ erotic \ エロ 

Abbreviated form of English word; EROtic.  Sometimes also EROCHIKKU (erotic).    

FERA \ fellatio \ フェラ  
Abbreviated transliteration of the English term. 

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PURAIDO \ pride \ プライド 

Phonetic transliteration of the English word, pronounced in Japanese accent. "PURAIDO GA TAKAI" (プライドが高い) combines the English "pride" with the Japanese "ga takai" (is high) to describe a person with a strong sense of pride.

CHANSU \ chance \ チャンス  © 

HASUKĪ BOISU \ husky voice \ ハスキーボイス  

JIGUZAGU \ zigzag \ ジグザグ   

KOMYUNIKĒSHON \ communication \ コミュニケーション

MODAN \ modern \ モダン

​​SHINPURU \ simple \ シンプル  

Easy (to understand); straightforward transliteration corresponding to English definition. ​

MEKANIZUMU \ mechanism \ メカニズム 

A cause, usually pertaining to the forces of nature; what 

causes X to happen, and its explanation.  Nuanced use of the English word, usually in news reportage. ​

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​PINCHI \ pinch \ ピンチ  

A crisis situation; in a jam.  Nuanced transliteration corresponding to the English slang word.  Often coupled with the Japanese DAI (; big) to describe dire straits (DAI 

PINCHI \ 大ピンチ).​ 

RABURABU \ love love \ ラブラブ 
A couple in the throes of love and romance.  

SADO \ sadist \ サド 
Abbreviated form of English word; SADist; SADistic.  
Often simply ESSU ("S").    

SEFURE \ sex friend \ セフレ 
Abbreviated form of English words; SEFRIEnd.   

SUKINSHIPPU \ skin-ship \ スキンシップ 
Nuanced variation of "sex friend" describing the act of friendly, casual sex.  Uses "friendship" as the base word.      
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ŌKĒ \ OK \ オーケー  

RABURĪ \ lovely \ ラブリー  

RANDAMU \ random \ ランダム   

RIRAKKUSU \ relax \ リラックス 

RIPPU SĀBISU \ lip service \ リップサービス   
Transliteration corresponding to the phrase's English definition; empty praise, hollow compliments. 

ROMANCHIKKU \ romantic \ ロマンチック   
Transliteration corresponding to the word's English definition. Sometimes ROMANTIKKU \ ロマンティック.