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MONITARINGU \ monitoring \ モニタリング 

Nuanced usage of the English word. Watching by hidden camera; Candid Camera-like TV programming.      

RAIBUHAUSU \ live house \ ライブハウス   

Live music venue; rock club, et al.  


reaction entertainer \ リアクション芸人 \  

Combination of the English reaction with the Japanese geinin (芸人; entertainer). A comedian/tarento employed for their talent of overreacting, emoting for a camera/audience.  

RŌDOSHŌ \ roadshow \ ロードショー   
A film's theatrical run; theatrical release.     

TARENTO \ talent \ タレント \  
Rank and file Japanese entertainer, usually television personality; not always possessing any discernible "talent" per se. Origin of this nuanced usage of the English word is tied to entertainment contracts whereby the signee is referred to as "
the talent". 

TORANPU \ trump \ トランプ   
Playing cards.     

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Academy Award-worthy film-promotion  Japanglish



Actual ''tagline'' used in Japan to describe and promote the

1959 Alfred Hitchcock spy classic North By Northwest.

The 4 English words transliterated with Japanese conjunctions.


Interestingly, these western celebrities of film and music are so unequivocally famous in Japan that Japangli-fications of their names are programmed into computer keyboard functions so that they automatically appear as Katakana options while entering the characters. 

BURAPPI \ Brad Pitt \ ブラッピ​  
Abbreviated contraction of the first and last names.  

JIMIHEN \ Jimi Hendrix \ ジミヘン  

Abbreviated contraction of the first and last names.  

SHUWACHAN \ Arnold Schwartzenneger \ シュワちゃん   
Unsurprising abbreviation of a very cumbersome name for any language, plus the Japanese CHAN \ ちゃん" (cutesy version of the Japanese honorific "san"). Doing so, in this case, softens an otherwise intimidating figure.     

TSEPPERIN \ Led Zeppelin \ ツェッペリン   
Nuanced pronunciation of the English word; although the ZE sound exists in Japanese it is inexplicably replaced by a TSE sound.     

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BIJUARU KEI \ visual kei (type) \ ビジュアル系  

In music, a style approximation of "glam rock"; male band members wearing fashionably elaborate outfits, hairstyles and  makeup.  

​​GARAKĒ \ Galapagos keitai \ ガラケー  

Conjunction of abbreviated forms of the English "GALApagos" and the Japanese KEITAI (cellphone) describing the original flip-type cellphones as compared to the now ubiquitous, "evolved" Smart Phone (*see SUMAHON).  Metaphorically references Darwin's theories of evolution tied to the Galapagos islands.

GŌRUDENTAIMU \ golden time \ ゴールデンタイム \  
Prime time television.     

JETTOKŌSUTĀ \ jet coaster \ ジェットコースター   

Roller coaster.     

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Y  O  U  R   A  D   H  E  R  E

W     O     R     L     D     W     I     D     E

​​​​​wanpatanterebi CD
one pattern television

Checklist: 10 Necessary Components for a Successful Japanese Variety Show.  Funny but True...

10. Japanese subtitles even though it’s a Japanese program, broadcasting to a Japanese audience, and the whole cast is already speaking Japanese.

9. Comedy Combi. For dim-witted hijinks consisting of high-decibal dissing, fumbling, shoving, and dependable slap-shtick shenanigans (think Laurel & Hardy in the 1920s, the Marx Brothers in the 30s, Abbott & Costello in the 40s, Martin & Lewis in the 50s…).

8. At least one SMAP member; at least once every day of the week.

7. Chubby-but-cute and/or utterly ugly gal, guy, or combi (see: Harisembon (ハリセンボン) and/or Angaaruzu (アンガールズ), whose physical peculiarities become punchlines for the slap-happy or conveniently bypassed by the more polite of fellow guests.

6Ne-sannew-half or drag-queen (twin "sisters" double the entertainment factor). Urbane Japanese put forth a progressive image by sharing the stage with and delighting in the bejeweled and accessorized fellows, annoying as they may often be, furthering the facade of tolerance and inclusivity on Japanese TV... 

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W     O     R     L     D     W     I     D     E

dialogue:  "My stockings; LIP them; LIP my stockings; yes, please, LIP them"  premium fantasy *masseuse to Bob Harris (Bill Murray) in Sofia Coppola's 2003 film "Lost in Translation" [*DERIBARI HERUSU  call girl ]

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#4:    katori senko                 ​ Katori Shingo

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Straightforward Transliterations 

Commonly used and understood by Japanese people, albeit as pronounced with a Japanese accent when spoken and spelled out phonetically using Japanese Katakana when written (Katakana spelling is provided). Their definitions correspond to that of the English word. *A separate list explaining nuanced usages and/or abbreviations follows.

ARUKŌRU \ alcohol \ アルコール  (SAKE\ 酒) 

BĪRU \ beer \ ビール  

DANSU \ dance \ ダンス  

GĒMUSENTĀ \ game center \ カメラ 

JAZU \ jazz \ ジャズ

KURABU \ club \ クラブ  

RAJIO \ radio \ ラジオ

SARON \ salonサロン

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warudokomento悪道小面当                     world comment

AKB x MSN  pop culture curiosities further validated via real news

May, 2014: Two young members of Japanese idol group AKB48 were assaulted by a misguided young man wielding a folding saw during a meet-&-greet publicity appearance.  Unsurprisingly, the incident made headline news in Japan for a day or two, relevant points dutifully touched upon with requisite Japanese concern.  Associated Press picked up the story and it went global.  MSN news was among those recounting the story, albeit with only cursory mention as an entertainment sidebar and coverage which read more like a monthly AKB newsletter than news report.  An attack of this nature is  newsworthy, to be sure, but as much for reasons beyond the innocent-young-girls-beset-upon-by-evil, sympathetic slant expounded thus far...  to read the full article:  buy the  japanglish  booklet !   ​

by O. Lebron  originally posted June, 2014 

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